Opening Ceremony24:41


Keynote Speech2:33:46


Dialogue between Human Medicine and Veterinary Medicine:
Human and Animal Well-Being

Dr. Rafael Laguens

President, World Veterinary Association

Implementing the One Health Approach to Solve Complex Problems

Dr. Tracey Goldstein

Director of the One Health Institute, Colorado State University

Achieving One Health from Infectious Disease Research: Health and Well-Being of Humans and Animals

Dr. Kayoko Shioda

Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Public Health

The scheduled keynote speech by Dr. Samuel Thevasagayam, Director of Livestock Production, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is not included in the on-demand streaming due to his absence on the day of the event.

General Discussion
Concluding Remarks44:34


Chairperson:Fumihiko Yokota

(Associate Prof., Kyusyu University)

 Kazuhiko Imamura

(Secretary General, Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations One Health Fukuoka Office)